About The Fandom

Fandom is the blockchain project enabling a stronger connection between creators and fans. With the profit being shared, it is likely that fans become more motivated to promote their creators.

To make this happen, Fandom Foundation will partner with Fantrie, issue NFTs, form a governance forum, and make Creator Tokens.
In the traditional stock market where fans invest in entertainment businesses, when they invest in the company, it was not directly investing in the creator. Most commonly, entertainment companies had numerous creators to support, and the relationship between the company and the creator was by contracts, which meant that creators could leave the company by the end of contract.

Furthermore, many companies were unlisted which meant there was no way to invest even if the fans wanted to. Even when the fans succeeded in purchasing unlisted stocks, those stocks were hard to trade, stockholder meetings were hard to participate, and not much fiscal information was open. There was no reason whatsoever for the fans to buy the stocks.

All of this can be solved by blockchain technology.

Token Distribution

Sales : 250,000,000 FDM
Marketing : 375,000,000 FDM
Partners : 500,000,000 FDM
Foundation & team : 500,000,000 FDM
Eco System : 750,000,000 FDM
Reserve : 125,000,000 FDM
Token Total : 2,500,000,000 FDM
FDM SCA : 0xb1834e4e773a180168f2292e036ca8e17f86196f
NFT SCA : Fantrie Pebbles 0x60ad57f39b235640df83e434caab2dfa6a62838b
Fandom SC Audit : Download
Market :
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Partners
  • Foundation & team
  • Eco System
  • Reserve

Fandom Eco System

Fandom Foundation is working with various Internet platform services and artists.
FDM provides the token ecosystem for fan business.

  • Artists

    NFT-issued contents can be produced for fans including music, videos and photos produced by artists.

  • Fans

    Fans can buy an NFT card, only when they have certain amount of FDM. The rarer NFTs requires fans to have more FDM to purchase the NFT.

Fandom with Fantrie

Fantrie platform is the first major partner in the Fandom projects

  • Fantrie Pebbles (NFT)

    Restricted number of NFTs are issued in Fantrie platform.
    The bigger the fandom, the more valuable NFTs become.

    Fantrie Pebbles (NFT)

  • Fandom Launchpad

    Crowdfunding platform to support and invest creator’s projects.
    Governance forum to decide on proposals.

    Fandom Launchpad


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